Christmas message Edward Snowden

On December 25th 2013 Edward Snowden delivered an alternative Christmas message on the UK's channel 4 TV station. Before the broadcast a short version of the speech was leaked and immediatly uploaded to youtube. That upload was immediatly blocked but many re-uploads made the clip available everywhere. This is one of those places. If you want to thank Edward Snowden for giving up his relationship, familiy, job and any chance of a normal life to inform us all go here and donate. Or spread his message. And do something with it. Because if something is done all of Edward's sacrifices have meaning.

Cryptoparty in de Arnhemse Hackerspace Hack42

Op 20 december gaf ik de inleidende lezing op de Cryptoparty in de Hackerspace in Arnhem Hack42. Cryptoparties zijn informele en openbare bijeenkomsten waar iedereen in een dagdeel kan leren hoe je je data en communicatie kan beschermen tegen spionerende overheden, enge bedrijven of mafiosi. Zie hier voor de eerstvolgende bij jou in de buurt.

Sinds de onthullingen van Edward Snowden over de schaal van wereldwijde spionage door westerse inlichtingen diensten is er steeds meer interesse in het zelf regelen van hun privacy met technische middelen. Zelfs Geenstijl is om en omarmt de hackers.

OHM and other Three-Letter-Agencies

<originally a column for - also on HuffPo UK> - video of The Great Spook Panel below this post

“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” - Mahatma Gandhi

This summer the Dutch hacker community, with help from friends all over the world, will organise the seventh hacker festival in a series that started in 1989 with the Galactic Hacker Party. The world has changed massively since then (we'll get to that) but the goal of these gatherings remains the same: to share knowledge and ideas about technology and its implications for our world, have heated discussions on what we should do about the problems we see (sometimes well before many others see them), generally have fun in communicating without keyboards, and being excellent to each other.

Four years ago a somewhat unknown Australian hacker with some new ideas about the future of journalism gave the opening keynote at HAR2009. His site was called Wikileaks and some of us had a hunch that this concept might be going places. We had no idea just how far that would be...

Not long after the first gathering in the Netherlands in 1989, the Berlin Wall came down. While we can claim no connection, the interminable Cold War had finally ended and many of us felt, with the optimism so typical of youth, that world peace might just be possible in our lifetimes. We would go back to making rockets that went up instead of straight-and-level and other great things would follow.